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Daemon Tools virtual CD / DVD-ROM emulator.


"Daemon Tools virtual CD / DVD-ROM emulator."
indir.biz Editor: Daemon Tools Pro Standard with the original disk image files to create it. User Preferences many media types already copy of the final data record. On your computer for instant retrieval of your expensive media secure click of a button are stored there. Correct disc or software application install disc anymore when searching, everything is located fingertips.

Daemon Tools Pro Standard is CD / DVD drives, HD DVD and Blu-ray also provides simulated ones. Displays the maximum number of virtual drives that can connect simultaneously with 16.

Daemon Tools Pro Standard during an image file and data compression to save hard disk space allows.

Do you want to protect the image? Just before the start of disk-imaging process to determine a unique password. And who will be able to obtain password, images and content mount only ones I know.

The size of the image file is too large to save the existing media to create a Disk Image Are you? Daemon Tools Pro Standard image files and disks separate the various regions can divide each use savings. Such as libraries to make bound with your favorite Archiver.

Key features

* The automatic update does;
* Creates a *. iso and *. mds image using a predetermined profile; <br> * 16 CD / DVD / HD DVD / Blu-ray discs are up to emulate;
* Image makes the physical installation in the folder;
* Compresses files;
* Password protect the image;
* Handles the image acquisition's;
* Virtual device keeps track of the features.
* (GUI) offers a friendly Graphical User Interface; can now download free Daemon Tools 4.30.0305.

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